Poker Face – Must Watch TV series. Here’s Why


The impressive amount of guest stars on every episode

In the first episode, Adrien Brody, Dascha Polanco, and Benjamin Bratt appeared, while in the second episode, Hong Chau, Colton Ryan, and Megan Suri made an appearance. The key thing is that, other than Charlie Cale, the majority of the cast comprises new guest stars who deliver outstanding performances. The casts in the first four episodes are so incredible that you might think that it couldn't get any better, but the upcoming guest stars feature Stephanie Hsu, an Oscar nominee, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tim Meadows, and numerous other exceptional performers. It's an endless parade of amazing talent, and we're thrilled about it!


Created by Rian Johnson (From the writer/director of Knives out)

From crafting the memorable "Fly" episode of Breaking Bad to redefining genres through his films like Brick and Looper, and being the writer/director of Knives out,  Rian Johnson has established himself as a skilled storyteller. As both the director and executive producer of Poker Face, he continues to demonstrate his exceptional talents and creativity, suggesting that he has many more exciting projects to offer in the future.


The series adeptly employs the ‘Howcatchem’ format, that was popularized by the iconic detective series Columbo

The "Howcatchem" format subverts the traditional murder mystery narrative by revealing the perpetrator and their motive upfront. The show's intrigue lies in witnessing their endeavors to conceal their misdeed while succumbing to their own arrogance, incompetence, or a critical flaw in their scheme. By allowing the audience to possess prior knowledge, the cop's quest to solve the puzzle based on known information empowers the viewers and shifts the focus to how the events will unfold once the unknown becomes exposed.


Remarkable performance by Natasha Lyonne

After her stint on Netflix’s Russian Doll, Natasha Lyonne delivers a remarkable performance that showcases her versatility in both comedic and emotionally-charged dramatic scenes, which has the potential to define her career. She masterfully manages to make the audience laugh during intense moments and elicit gasps when a seemingly casual remark leads to a shocking revelation.


Each episode presents a new mystery to unravel

If one episode's mystery fails to captivate, rest assured that a new enigma awaits in the following episode. The satisfaction of witnessing a storyline unravel, coupled with the knowledge that Charlie will be tackling a fresh problem in the next episode, is gratifying. 


Poker Face possesses the magnitude and intricacy of most big-screen productions

Poker Face has the scale and depth comparable to that of big-budget films, while at the same time avoiding appearing amateurish or half-hearted. The inclusion of authentic locations, impressive wardrobe selections, and the intricate coordination required to execute a murder-of-the-week format with minimal recurring characters further enhances the show's production value. As a result, Poker Face is a program that can be appreciated not only for its storytelling achievements but also for its outstanding level of craftsmanship.


Poker Face uses humor very well, but also gets dramatic when needed

Poker Face effectively infuses humor into the murder-centered plot of the series, while at the same time delivering compelling dramatic moments. The show's captivating storylines, ranging from 1960s hippie cults to unreciprocated love and the struggles of one-hit wonders, are just as engaging as Charlie's detective work, often holding the audience's attention very well. 


A remarkable range of villainous characters that enhance the quality of the episodes

Poker Face's portrayal of its antagonists is a breath of fresh air, ranging from typical villains in the first two episodes to complex characters who resort to murder out of desperation. The show's enjoyment factor is heightened by the suspenseful unveiling of the true nature of the villains.

Poker Face premieres 24 May, every Wednesday 9:45PM | 8:45PM JKT/BKK on
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