Counting with Paula: Easter Egg Jealousy

Season 4
Meet the gang of five that will be taking you on some great adventures. One of them, unfortunately, goes missing. Paula, Billy, Chalky, and Tim discover they have to go to the jungle in search of Calc. There, they encounter crocodiles and a totem head. Will they succeed in their quest?


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Counting with Paula is an animated educational television series that introduces young viewers to the world of numbers and mathematics. Each episode revolves around a specific counting concept, such as counting up, counting down, or identifying numbers in the environment. The series uses engaging storylines, colourful characters, and catchy songs to make learning about numbers fun and interactive for children aged 3 to 6.

In each episode, Paula, a bright and inquisitive young girl, embarks on an adventure with her friends to solve a counting-related challenge. Along the way, they encounter a variety of numbers and shapes, and Paula uses her knowledge of counting to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Paula's friends include Tim, a playful and energetic boy; Billy, a cautious and thoughtful boy; Chalkie, a creative and artistic girl; and Calc, a knowledgeable and resourceful boy. Together, they form a dynamic team that approaches every counting challenge with enthusiasm and teamwork.

The series also features the Numbers, a group of friendly and animated characters who represent the different numbers. The Numbers are always there to help Paula and her friends, providing guidance and support as they learn about counting.

Counting with Paula is a valuable resource for introducing young children to the fundamentals of mathematics. The series' engaging storylines, relatable characters, and interactive elements make it an enjoyable and effective way for children to develop their counting skills and foster a positive attitude towards learning.