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ROCK EntertainmentFar From Home

2 Jun

7:00 pm

Far From Home

Writer Nicholas Boyd finds himself back in his hometown, reflecting on the moments he once shared with his distant uncle, stirring memories of their past.
ROCK EntertainmentNim’s island

9 Jun

7:00 pm

Nim’s island

Nim, the devoted fan of adventure author Alex Rover, resides on a remote island with her scientist father. As her father goes missing at sea and their island faces invasion, she persuades the agoraphobic and germaphobe author to venture forth and lend a hand.
ROCK EntertainmentLetters to Juliet

16 Jun

7:00 pm

Letters to Juliet

During her vacation in Verona, Sophie stumbles upon a "letter to Juliet" and sets out on a quest to locate its writer.
ROCK EntertainmentHope Springs

23 Jun

8:25 pm

Hope Springs

After three decades of marriage, Arnold and Kay find themselves growing distant. In a bid to salvage their relationship, they commit to a rigorous, week-long counseling retreat aimed at rejuvenating their bond.