ROCK Action - The New 24/7 Action Movie Channel

Rock Entertainment Holdings Enhancing its Entertainment Offering with the Launch of New 24/7 Action Movie Channel, ROCK Action.

Singapore 7 Oct 2022 – Rock Entertainment Holdings, an international content distributor and channel operator is set to launch a new 24/7 action movie channel, ROCK Action, in December 2022. ROCK Action will be a new addition to the Rock bouquet of content brands that includes ROCK Entertainment, Global Trekker, ZooMoo, Love Nature 4K, Outdoor Channel and more.

ROCK Action will  be the ultimate movie destination for movie buffs and audiences who are seeking non-stop high adrenaline content. The channel will be packed with movies  from the action, horror, crime, disaster, sci-fi and suspense genres. The audience will find nothing on Rock Action other than movies that make their heart pump faster and keep them on the edge of their seat!

“We are working very closely with partners and listening to their needs and wants. The team at Rock Entertainment is constantly exploring and pushing our limits to bring in the best entertainment we could to our audience and partners. We are both excited and invested to make ROCK Action a success.” said Beatrice Lee, CEO of Rock Entertainment Holdings.

At launch, the channel’s lineup will include a slew recent as well as library action films from Paramount and Sony.  In addition, the channel will have  a steady supply of new Hollywood films never seen before in the region from leading independent Hollywood film distributors that specialize in the action genre.  For many of the films, additional rights such as TVOD and branded SVOD will be on offer as well for platforms carrying ROCK Action.  Audiences can look forward to movies that are First on linear TV just short time after initial global release of the film and also be spoiled with more choices as the Rock  team is on a never-ending quest to seek the best entertainment from all studios.