A New Zealand Food Story

Season 2
Award-winning chef Ben Bayly returns, this time with a bolder vision: to create a unique restaurant showcasing the very essence of New Zealand cuisine.


December 14, 2022

Available on

Global Trekker
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Ah, another season of Kiwi culinary adventures awaits! A New Zealand Food Story Season 2 brings back the charming chef Ben Bayly, eager to explore the diverse flavours and stories woven into the fabric of New Zealand cuisine. This time, get ready for:

Deeper Dives: Ben digs deeper into regional specialties, immersing himself in the vibrant food scenes of places like the Bay of Plenty, Marlborough, and Southland. Witness him dive for buttery fish in the Marlborough Sounds, hunt wallaby in the Mackenzie Country, and learn the art of cheese rolls in Auckland.

From Land to Plate: Season 2 celebrates the incredible connection between New Zealand's stunning landscapes and its fresh, seasonal ingredients. Witness Ben foraging for native herbs in lush forests, learning to harvest oysters in pristine bays, and cooking fire-roasted meals beneath starry skies.

Meet the Makers: Get up close and personal with the passionate farmers, fishers, growers, and food artisans who are the backbone of New Zealand's culinary scene. Share Ben's conversations with honey producers, winemakers, and cheesemakers as they reveal the secrets and stories behind their craft.

Recipes and Inspiration: Don't just watch; get cooking! Each episode promises delicious recipes inspired by Ben's experiences, showcasing the unique textures and flavours of New Zealand's bounty. You'll be tempted to recreate everything from seafood chowders to hangi-style lamb roasts.

More Than Food: A New Zealand Food Story isn't just about the grub. It's a love letter to the land, the people, and the spirit of Kiwi hospitality. Be prepared for breathtaking visuals, heartwarming encounters, and insightful stories that capture the essence of New Zealand's culinary soul.