Animal Noises

Think you can speak like an orang-utan? Or talk like an elephant? Then join Rocky and friends in the ultimate noisy guessing game, where kids roar, honk, hiss or squawk. Can you guess what animal makes the noise before Rocky or the gang?


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Get ready to unleash your inner animal with Animal Noises! Join the energetic Rocky and his crew on a wild adventure filled with roars, chirps, and everything in between.

Do you think you can mimic the sounds of the animal kingdom? Put your vocal skills to the test in this interactive guessing game. In each episode, Rocky will play a recording of a mysterious animal sound. Can you guess who's making the noise before Rocky or his friends do?

From playful growls to mighty trumpets, every episode is a cacophony of fun! You'll learn to identify the sounds of different animals, from familiar favourites like lions and monkeys to more exotic creatures like cicadas and pandas.

"Animal Noises" is more than just fun and games. It's a learning experience that helps children:

  • Recognise and identify different animal sounds.
  • Learn about the diverse vocalisations of various creatures.
  • Develop their listening skills and auditory memory.
  • Spark their curiosity and love for the natural world.