Death Race 3: Inferno

Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas, a.k.a. Frankenstein, is a superstar driver in the brutal prison yard demolition derby known as the Death Race. He is only one victory away from winning freedom for himself and his pit crew.


November 18, 2023

Available on

ROCK Action
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Set in the year 2025, where the Death Race tournament has become a global phenomenon. The contestants are now forced to race through a treacherous desert wasteland, where they must contend with dangerous terrain, deadly traps, and other racers who are willing to do anything to win.

Jensen Ames (Luke Evans), the former champion of the Death Race, is now a prisoner of the new tournament organiser, Rowdy Burns (Frederick Koehler). Burns forces Ames to compete in the Death Race Inferno, a new and even more deadly version of the tournament.

Jenson Ames' team for the Death Race Inferno includes Katrina Sinclair, a former black ops soldier; Gunner, a grizzled veteran of the Death Race; and El Latigo, a skilled driver with a dark past.

The racers must race across the desert wasteland, avoiding traps and other racers, in order to reach the finish line and win their freedom. Along the way, they must also uncover the truth about Burns' plans for the Death Race and stop him before he can destroy the tournament and everyone involved.