The adventure begins when a call for help from a research station on Mars sends a team of mercenary Marines, led by The Rock, into action in this unrated, extended version of the film.


May 4, 2024

Available on

ROCK Action
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In the desolate wastes of Mars, a routine rescue mission turns into a fight for survival. A squad of elite Marines, led by the tough-as-nails Sarge (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), is sent to a research facility on the red planet.

There, they find a nightmarish reality. A hidden portal has unleashed a horde of ferocious demons, the product of a sinister experiment. As the facility becomes overrun, the Marines become humanity's last line of defence. Armed with high-powered weaponry and facing overwhelming odds, they must battle through hordes of creatures to shut down the portal and keep Earth safe from demonic invasion. Doom is a thrilling sci-fi action film packed with pulse-pounding combat and monstrous creatures.

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