Exceptional Engineering

Season 2
Witness the awe-inspiring builds of global superlatives, from colossal cruise ships to state-of-the-art aircraft.


May 30, 2024
First and Exclusive

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Gear up for another season of jaw-dropping engineering feats in Exceptional Engineering Season 2! This series takes viewers on a captivating behind-the-scenes journey, revealing the intricate processes and innovative machinery behind the construction of the world's most impressive marvels.

Prepare to be mesmerised by the sheer scale and complexity of these engineering wonders. Witness the meticulous construction of a colossal cruise ship, a marvel of modern engineering that will transport thousands of passengers across the seas in luxurious comfort.

Then, soar into the future with a look at the high-tech assembly line of a cutting-edge aircraft. Explore the intricate dance of automation and human expertise that brings these sophisticated flying machines to life.

The season doesn't stop in the skies. Shift gears and delve into the heart of a massive truck factory, where giants of the highway are meticulously assembled. Witness the impressive scale and efficiency of this industrial marvel, where raw materials are transformed into the workhorses of the transportation industry.

Exceptional Engineering Season 2 also takes a fascinating look at the construction of a German police Sonderwagen, a heavily armoured vehicle built to withstand the toughest situations. See how this rolling fortress is meticulously crafted, prioritising both strength and safety.

The focus on large-scale projects doesn't diminish the importance of renewable energy solutions. The season also explores the fascinating process of building a wind turbine, a clean energy giant that harnesses the power of wind to generate electricity.

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