Fix It with Piglet

If you’re an animal who’s tired of living in a hole or having trouble with the neighbours, then send a letter to Piglet because she can fix it! With her boundless, breathless enthusiasm and crazy creativity, Piglet’s solutions are the world’s wackiest inventions!


January 17, 2024

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Calling all ZooMoo explorers! Get ready to unleash your imagination and build big ideas with the most creative piglet in the Hundred Acre Wood!

Join Piglet, the pint-sized problem solver, as she transforms her cosy burrow into an incredible invention workshop! In each episode, Piglet and her animal friends face a new challenge, from designing a super swing for Roo to creating a cosy cloud bed for Eeyore. But don't worry, no problem is too big or too small for Piglet's boundless creativity!

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