Gods of Honour

Step into the mythic realm with 'Gods of Honour,' a TV adaptation of the classic 'Fengshen Bang', chronicling ancient China's legendary conflict between good and evil.


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Golden Chinese Drama
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"Gods of Honour" is a visually striking Hong Kong television series adapted from the 16th-century classic Chinese novel "Fengshen Bang" (also known as "Investiture of the Gods" or "Creation of the Gods"). This epic saga, first aired on TVB Jade in 2001, dives deep into the rich tapestry of ancient Chinese mythology and history.

The series is set against the tumultuous end of the Shang Dynasty, marked by the notorious reign of King Zhou, a tyrant whose actions precipitate the rise of the Zhou Dynasty. The narrative is a grand portrayal of the struggle between good and evil, encapsulating the turmoil that grips ancient China during this period. It recounts the celestial interventions and the laying of the Rostrum of Gods of Honour in response to the mortal world's distress.

Central to the story are legendary figures such as Nezha and Daji, whose tales of valor, sacrifice, and filial piety are intricately woven into the fabric of the story. The series features a blend of fantastical elements with historical events, creating a dynamic and engrossing tale of heroism, moral dilemmas, and the human condition.

"Gods of Honour" stands out for its elaborate production design, including stunning costumes and special effects that bring the mythical world to life. The portrayal of iconic characters by a talented cast adds depth and authenticity to this legendary narrative.

This series is an excellent choice for viewers fascinated by Chinese mythology and those who enjoy stories of epic battles, moral complexities, and the intertwining of human and divine realms. "Gods of Honour" is not just a historical drama; it's a journey into a world where myths become reality, and heroes rise in times of great adversity.