Grown Ups 2

Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) relocates his family to his hometown, only to discover that the chaos of Los Angeles follows them. As Lenny's friends navigate their own hurdles, including facing fears, returning to work, and unexpected revelations, their bond is tested in this comedic journey.


February 18, 2024

Available on

ROCK Entertainment
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Grown Ups 2 is a 2013 comedy film starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade as four childhood friends who reunite in their hometown and face various challenges and surprises on the last day of school. The film is a sequel to the 2010 film Grown Ups and features a large ensemble cast of supporting actors and comedians, including Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph, Nick Swardson, Shaquille O’Neal, and many more. The film follows the antics and adventures of the four friends and their families as they encounter old bullies, new enemies, crazy party crashers, and unexpected revelations. Grown Ups 2 is a hilarious and heartwarming film that celebrates the joys and struggles of friendship, family, and growing up.

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