Street Fighter

A commando colonel leads a covert mission to rescue kidnapped relief workers from a psychotic warlord.


April 7, 2024

Available on

ROCK Action
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In the action-packed martial arts extravaganza Street Fighter, the dystopian nation of Shadaloo simmers under the iron fist of dictator General M. Bison (Raul Julia). Bison, a power-hungry warlord and drug kingpin, fuels his ambitions with dreams of world domination. His latest act of villainy: kidnapping a group of relief workers and demanding a hefty ransom. Colonel William F. Guile (Jean-Claude Van Damme) of the Allied Nations refuses to submit to Bison's threats and assembles a ragtag team of fighters to liberate the hostages and dismantle Bison's empire. Guile's unlikely allies include Chun-Li (Ming-Na Wen), a skilled martial artist seeking revenge for her father's death at Bison's hands; Ryu (Byron Mann) and Ken (Damian Chapa), two streetwise con artists; and sumo wrestler E. Honda (Peter Navy Tuiasosopo). As they infiltrate Shadaloo, they encounter a rogues' gallery of Bison's lieutenants, including the sadistic claw-wielding Vega (Jay Tavare) and the Muay Thai champion Sagat (Wes Studi). Can Guile and his team overcome these formidable foes, rescue the hostages, and bring Bison's reign of terror to an end?