The Devil You Know

After a lifetime of trouble, a man has the chance to turn things around with the love and support of his family. As he tries to do right, he finds himself spiraling back into the dark place he overcame.


May 24, 2024

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ROCK Action
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This dramatic thriller centers around Marcus Cowans (played by Omar Epps), a man with a troubled past. After a period of incarceration, Marcus is determined to go straight. He has the unwavering support of his loving family as he tries to rebuild his life. However, his newfound peace is shattered when a dark secret surfaces.

Marcus discovers that one of his brothers, likely his close sibling, may have been involved in a horrific crime. This throws him into a moral crisis. The film explores the powerful bond of brotherhood and the lengths we go to protect our family. Marcus wrestles with loyalty and the desire for justice. Can he stay on the right path while facing this devastating revelation?

The story also delves into the frustrations with the justice system. As Marcus investigates his brother's potential involvement, he encounters a jaded detective (played by Michael Ealy) who represents the flaws within the legal system. The film asks the thought-provoking question: "Are we our brother's keeper?"  This question forces Marcus to make a difficult choice that could have serious consequences for him and his family.

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