Tom Cruise: Lights, Camera, Action

Having just turned 60, Tom Cruise is still one of the leading names in Hollywood.


June 19, 2024

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Global Trekker
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A prolific actor, Tom Cruise, with a career spanning over 40 years, is continually building a giant legacy within the film industry. When audiences think of Cruise, their minds instantly go to Mission: Impossible or Top Gun, or maybe they think of his commitment to doing his stunts and upping the ante with each action film he does. Part of what makes Cruise one of the greatest movie stars is the wide range of instant reactions to his name. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV has evolved from the teen heartthrob to one of Hollywood's most powerful and polarising figures. Recently, he formed a master plan to complete one of his most daring scenes for his new film Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning. It has been hailed as the greatest stunt in cinematic history. His ability seems to know no limits.

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