Far from Home

Nicholas Boyd, a writer, returns to his hometown and reminisces about the time he shared with his estranged uncle.


June 2, 2024

Available on

ROCK Entertainment
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The story centres on a bitter and disillusioned writer named Nicholas Boyd (played by Barry Watson), who receives news of his estranged uncle's passing.

This unexpected event forces Nicholas to return to his childhood hometown, a place he left behind with a heavy heart many years ago. As he steps back into his old life, a wave of emotions washes over him—resentment, regret, and a flicker of nostalgia for simpler times.

The film delves into Nicholas's strained relationship with his family, particularly his uncle, who served as a surrogate father figure during his youth. Through flashbacks and present-day interactions, the movie explores the source of their estrangement and the events that drove Nicholas away.

During his visit, Nicholas reconnects with old friends and acquaintances. These encounters force him to confront his past mistakes and the impact his choices have had on others. He begins to question his self-imposed exile and wonders if there's a chance for redemption.

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