Judging the Unjudgable

Immerse in the intriguing world of 'Judging the Unjudgable,' a historical Chinese drama where a series of mysterious events in the royal court unfold, blending suspense, and intricate palace politics.


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Golden Chinese Drama
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Set during the Shunzhi era of the Qing Dynasty, "Judging the Unjudgable" is a gripping tale that starts with a bizarre case in the imperial palace. The drama begins with the mysterious death of the chief eunuch followed by the poisoning of the Emperor's favorite concubine, Lady Dong. These events lead to Emperor Shunzhi renouncing his throne in frustration and becoming a monk.

At the center of this turmoil is "the first lawyer of the capital," Liu Jixian, portrayed by Zhang Guo Li, and his son Liu Chongyan, played by Mao Le. Liu Chongyan unintentionally gets entangled in the palace struggles, uncovering deeper conspiracies involving power and politics. The complexity of the case intensifies as it becomes evident that a major conspiracy is at play.

Chongyan's fiancée, Duan Chujun (portrayed by Ma Chunlian), and his humorous relationship with her are also central to the story. Tragically, Duan's family is mysteriously annihilated overnight, and she disappears. Liu Jixian, aware of the greater conspiracy involved, advises his son to travel and gain more experience to eventually confront the forces behind these events.

On his journey, Chongyan experiences several adventures and meets Xiao Rou (portrayed by Zhu Yuanyuan), the descendant of a family of thieves. They develop a mutual affection through hardships. However, the plot thickens as Chujun reappears, revealing the mystery of Xiao Rou's birth and intertwining their fates. As the truth begins to emerge, the danger closes in on Chongyan and Chujun, setting the stage for further intrigue and suspense.

"Judging the Unjudgable" is a complex narrative that combines elements of mystery and historical drama, capturing the essence of palace intrigue and the intricacies of ancient Chinese legal systems. The series is renowned for its suspenseful storytelling, rich character development, and a deep dive into the political and social dynamics of the Qing Dynasty​​.