Roger Federer: A Champions Journey

Wimbledon Stadium's honour board is full of illustrious names. And in 1998, another emerged. Roger Federer. When he won the Junior Wimbledon title at 17 years old, he never imagined the success that would follow.


July 17, 2024

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In 2003, the former ball boy and junior champion of 1998 won his first Grand Slam title at the British Stadium with a masterclass victory over giant Australian, Mark Philippoussis. And the rest is history.

With extraordinary talent, dedication, passion, and purpose; grace and humility; with a great mental approach to tennis and life, Roger Federer created history by climbing his way to the top and capturing the hearts of millions of sports fans all around the world.

As Roger Federer’s outstanding career came to an end, we said goodbye to a champion, a genius, a legend. Not just the greatest player or greatest shot-maker. Perhaps the greatest sportsman of all time. His legacy is long-lasting.

His journey to the top of the men’s game is the one of a true champion, in every sense of the word.

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