Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

In 1938, after his father goes missing while pursuing the Holy Grail, Indiana Jones finds himself up against the Nazis again to stop them from obtaining its powers.


June 23, 2023

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ROCK Action
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In 1912, a young Indiana Jones is exploring caves with his Boy Scout troop in Utah when he discovers graverobbers taking a gold crucifix from the tomb of Coronado. Believing the crucifix belongs in a museum, Indy takes it and evades the robbers to return home. However, the town sheriff arrives and forces Indy to hand it over to the robber's employer.

Years later, in 1938, Indy confronts the employer off the Portuguese coast, recovering the crucifix and escaping.

Meanwhile, in Austria, Nazi agents led by Walther Donovan kidnap Henry Jones Sr., Indy's father, who is a renowned expert on the Holy Grail. The Nazis believe that the Grail can give them the power to rule the world.

Indy is contacted by Marcus Brody, the curator of the Marshall College museum, who tells him that Henry's diary has been found. Indy travels to Venice to meet Brody, and along the way, he meets Dr. Elsa Schneider, an art historian who is also interested in the Grail.

Indy and Elsa follow Henry's trail to Germany, where they meet Sallah, an old friend of Indy's. Sallah tells them that Henry is being held prisoner at Castle Brunwald. Indy and Elsa infiltrate the castle, but they are discovered and captured by the Nazis.

Henry is also captured, and Donovan forces him to reveal the location of the Grail. Henry tells Donovan that the Grail is hidden in a chamber beneath the Temple of the Sun, but he lies about the location of the entrance.

Indy escapes from the castle and teams up with Sallah to rescue Henry. They track down the real entrance to the Temple of the Sun and race against time to find the Grail before the Nazis.

Inside the temple, Indy and Henry are confronted by Donovan and his men. Indy and Henry solve a series of puzzles and traps, and they eventually reach the chamber where the Grail is kept.

Donovan tries to seize the Grail, but he is vaporized by a divine light. Indy and Henry claim the Grail and escape from the temple.

The film ends with Indy and Henry reuniting with Sallah and Marcus in Venice. Indy and Elsa also kiss goodbye, and Indy gives her the gold crucifix that he recovered from the graverobbers all those years ago.

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