Leo the Wildlife Ranger Singapore Spinoff

Season 2
Leo the Wildlife Ranger features action-packed, animal-centric missions that are tackled with the help of animal facts that are uncovered along the way. Join the junior rangers on their exciting adventures to discover animals in the world around us!


May 4, 2024

Available on

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Leo the Wildlife Ranger goes global! Leo, Katie, and Hero are joined by the newest ranger!

Represting Singapore, Zari, with her cool shoes with wheels, dashes off to the rescue! Representing Oceania is Kyle, who is great with a boomerang. He also has a cool ATV to speed through rough terrain.

In Africa, we have Jane and her partner, Zumi, who is a cheetah! This power duo is calm in the face of danger.

Kai hails from East Asia. He is the team’s resident tech expert. Keep a lookout for his cool inventions, which come in handy during missions.

Over in West Asia, we have Farah. She owns an awesome dirt bike and a handbook where she records all her new animal discoveries.

The youngest junior ranger is Peyo, from South America. He is an expert at botany! Expect more action, more adventure, and more animals this season!

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