The Shepherd

A texas cop battles ex-navy seals who are trying to traffic drugs from Mexico into the USA.


September 16, 2023

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ROCK Action
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A former New Orleans cop Jack Robideaux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) arrives with his pet rabbit in Columbus, New Mexico to take a job with the border patrol, and working with Captain Ramona García (Natalie J. Robb).

At the moment, the border patrol is up against a highly dangerous drug smuggling operation, in which the smugglers are funnelling illegal immigrants and bricks of heroin through the porous defences of the Mexico US border. Migrants are randomly outfitted with C4 vests, so any border patrol agent who interferes might get blown up.

As it turns out, the smugglers are a rogue special forces unit led by Benjamin Meyers (Stephen Lord) and his right-hand man Karp (Scott Adkins), who have taken over all of the smuggling operations in the area by killing major drug kingpins Félix Néstor (Daniel Perrone) and Benito Ortiz (Luis Algar).