What Children Do

A comedy about two estranged sisters brought back into each other's lives by the impending death of their grandmother.


June 2, 2024

Available on

ROCK Entertainment
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wo estranged sisters, Abi and Marni, are reunited when their grandmother falls ill and requires urgent surgery. Forced to return to their hometown together for the first time in years, they must confront their unresolved issues and navigate the emotional fallout of their fractured relationship.

Abi, the responsible older sister, has built a successful career and seemingly perfect life in the city. Marni, the impulsive younger sister, has remained in their hometown, struggling with personal and financial difficulties.

As they face their grandmother's impending mortality and revisit the memories of their shared childhood, Abi and Marni are forced to confront the hurt and resentment that has divided them. Through humorous situations and relatable conflicts, they must learn to forgive each other and rebuild their broken bond.

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