Baking It

Season 1
Eight teams of two talented home bakers will compete and create outstanding savory and sweet creations for themed challenges in order to win a cash prize.


November 24, 2023
First and Exclusive

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ROCK Entertainment
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In the inaugural season of the delightful baking competition series Baking It, eight pairs of amateur bakers from across the United States embark on a journey to showcase their culinary talents and creativity. Hosted by the comedic duo of Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg, the show takes a lighthearted and whimsical approach to the competitive baking genre, emphasizing fun, camaraderie, and the joy of baking.

Throughout the season, the bakers face off in a series of themed challenges, tasked with creating edible masterpieces that not only taste delicious but also showcase their unique skills and personalities. From crafting festive holiday treats to designing cakes inspired by classic literature, the challenges are as diverse and entertaining as the bakers themselves.

Adding to the show's charm are four "Opinionated Grannies" – a panel of witty and insightful women who provide their unfiltered feedback on the bakers' creations. Their down-to-earth demeanor and honest evaluations serve as a refreshing contrast to the often-cutthroat world of competitive baking.

As the season progresses, the competition intensifies, with the stakes rising with each challenge. The bakers must not only impress the judges with their baking prowess but also navigate the pressures of time constraints and the occasional baking mishap.

In the finale, the remaining teams face off in one final challenge, tasked with creating a show-stopping dessert that represents their personal stories. The winning team is crowned champions and awarded a cash prize, but the true reward is the camaraderie, laughter, and shared love of baking that they have cultivated throughout their journey.

Baking It Season 1 is a delightful and heartwarming competition series that celebrates the joy of baking, the power of friendship, and the beauty of creative expression. With its charming hosts, lovable judges, and talented contestants, the show is sure to bring a smile to your face and leave you craving a sweet treat.