Deadly Inferno

During some extensive renovations on an eight-storey office building, a major gas leak leads to a terrible explosion, trapping the injured staff in a fiery maze. Can the brave firefighters provide a safe exit from this deadly inferno?


November 3, 2023

Available on

ROCK Action
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A group of firefighters who are called to battle a massive fire in a high-rise apartment building. The fire spreads quickly, and the firefighters are soon trapped inside the building with the residents.

The firefighters must use all of their skills and training to rescue the residents and extinguish the fire. However, the fire is extremely dangerous, and the firefighters must also contend with the threat of falling debris and toxic fumes.

As the fire rages on, the firefighters must make difficult choices about who to save and who to leave behind. They must also confront their own fears and mortality.

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