Jack Taylor: The Guards

Incorrigible boor Jack Taylor is fired from the Garda (Irish national police) for brutality against a government minister. His experience, some contacts and cheap rates get him started as private eye in all but name, assisted by his even less law-abiding buddy, painter Sutton.


July 1, 2023

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ROCK Action
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Jack Taylor is a washed-up detective turned private investigator. He got fired from the Irish police force for assaulting a politician during a routine traffic stop. Now, he works for himself, taking on cases that the police won't touch. He's a maverick, but he's also got a good heart and a sharp mind.

Taylor is aided in his investigations by his enthusiastic sidekick, Cody, and a network of contacts, including some of his former colleagues on the police force. He's a bit of a loner, but he's also got a few close friends who he can always count on.

Jack Taylor is a gritty crime drama based on the books by Ken Bruen. It's a dark and atmospheric show that explores the seedy underbelly of Galway, Ireland. Taylor is a complex and compelling character, and the show does a great job of bringing his world to life.