Journey to the West

Join the epic adventure in 'Journey to the West' featuring Wu Yue, an enthralling adaptation of the classic tale of myth, magic, and monsters in ancient China.


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Golden Chinese Drama
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"Journey to the West," starring Wu Yue, is a captivating adaptation of one of China's four great classical novels. This series brings to life the fantastical journey of the Buddhist monk Xuanzang and his three disciples – the Monkey King Sun Wukong, the pig demon Zhu Bajie, and the sand demon Sha Wujing.

Set against the backdrop of ancient China, the series begins with Xuanzang, portrayed by Wu Yue, being tasked with a sacred mission to travel to the West (India) to obtain Buddhist sutras. His journey is perilous, filled with demons and spirits who wish to capture him. The reason? Xuanzang's flesh is said to bestow immortality upon those who consume it.

Enter Sun Wukong, the rebellious and immensely powerful Monkey King, who becomes Xuanzang’s protector. Alongside him are the other two disciples, each with their unique abilities and humorous quirks. The dynamic between the monk and his disciples, each battling their own inner demons and moral dilemmas, forms the core of the narrative.

The series is a stunning blend of mythology, adventure, and spiritual themes. It delves into the complexities of good versus evil, the pursuit of enlightenment, and the bonds of loyalty and friendship. The show is also known for its special effects, bringing to life the magical powers and mythical creatures of ancient China.

Wu Yue's portrayal of Xuanzang brings a depth and sincerity to the character, balancing the more whimsical and outrageous antics of his disciples. The show captures the essence of the novel while presenting a fresh take on the timeless story.

"Journey to the West" is more than just a fantasy adventure; it is a journey into the heart of Chinese folklore and spiritual philosophy. It appeals to viewers who appreciate epic storytelling, rich cultural history, and a blend of action, comedy, and drama.