Lake Placid

A giant man-eating crocodile attacks innocent people at Black Lake, a vacation spot in Maine. Soon, a dysfunctional group of experts is called in to end the beast's reign of terror.


December 1, 2023

Available on

ROCK Action
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The movie begins with a mysterious creature attacking and killing a man in Black Lake, Maine. Sheriff Hank Keough investigates the case, along with Jack Wells, the local game warden. They discover a large crocodile tooth at the scene, leading them to suspect the creature is a giant crocodile.

Meanwhile, paleontologist Kelly Scott arrives in Black Lake to investigate a potential plesiosaur sighting. Despite warnings from the locals, Kelly believes the creature is a plesiosaur and not a crocodile. She joins forces with Jack and Hank to track down the creature.

The trio soon realizes that they are dealing with a much larger and more dangerous creature than they initially thought. The crocodile, which is later revealed to be a hybrid of a saltwater crocodile and a Nile crocodile, terrorizes the town and kills several people.

Jack, Hank, and Kelly devise a plan to capture the crocodile. They use bait to lure it into a trap, but the plan backfires and the crocodile escapes.

The climax of the film takes place on Black Lake. Jack, Hank, and Kelly finally confront the crocodile in a boat. After a tense battle, they manage to kill the creature using a harpoon and explosives.

The film ends with Black Lake returning to normal and the locals celebrating their victory over the crocodile.

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