Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies

Tricked into a compromising situation, a high school senior thinks she can stop her cousin's blackmail by taking her college entrance exam for her, but soon learns her cousin has even darker plans for her.


February 16, 2024

Available on

ROCK Entertainment
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The film centres around Hanna, a high-achieving student with a bright future ahead of her. Her cousin Madison, on the other hand, is struggling academically and facing pressure from her father to get into college. In a desperate attempt to secure her future, Madison comes up with a devious plan.

Madison takes advantage of Hanna's trusting nature and laces her orange juice with rohypnol, a powerful sedative. While Hanna is unconscious, Madison takes compromising photos of her, creating ammunition for a shocking blackmail scheme.

Madison threatens to expose the photos unless Hanna agrees to take her college entrance exam for her. Feeling trapped and scared, Hanna reluctantly agrees. However, the consequences of her decision soon spiral out of control.

As Hanna navigates the pressure of keeping her secret and the stress of maintaining her perfect image, she begins to suspect that Madison has even darker plans in store. The plot thickens with the arrival of a mysterious figure who seems to know everything about their arrangement.

Hanna must find a way to expose Madison's manipulative scheme and clear her name before it's too late. The film builds to a suspenseful climax as Hanna confronts Madison and fights for the truth to come out.

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