Snow White and the Huntsman

In a kingdom cloaked in winter's grip, the beautiful Snow White lives under the tyranny of her jealous stepmother, Queen Ravenna. Fueled by a desire for eternal youth, Ravenna hunts Snow White, believing her heart holds the key to immortality.


January 28, 2024

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In a kingdom shrouded by winter, Snow White, blessed with beauty and kindness, lives under the tyrannical rule of her stepmother, the vain and cruel Queen Ravenna. Driven by jealousy and a thirst for immortality, Ravenna seeks to steal Snow White's youthful essence, plunging the land into eternal frost.

Fearing for Snow White's life, the King sends her into the dark woods, pursued by the Huntsman, a hardened warrior haunted by his past. But fate takes an unexpected turn. The Huntsman, touched by Snow White's innocence and courage, defies the Queen's orders and becomes her protector.

Together, they navigate the treacherous forest, facing fantastical creatures and Ravenna's ravenous wolves. Snow White discovers a hidden strength within herself, learning to wield ancient magic and rally the forest's dwarves to her cause. Meanwhile, the Huntsman grapples with his own demons, wrestling with loyalty and redemption.

As they journey deeper into the enchanted realm, they uncover a prophecy that speaks of Snow White's true power: the power to break Ravenna's icy grip and thaw the frozen kingdom. But claiming this power will demand a sacrifice, a choice that could cost them everything.

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