Trapped in a desolate motel, the couple confronts their worst nightmare: not just solitude but becoming stars in a deadly play filmed in shadows.


January 5, 2024

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ROCK Action
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On a desolate stretch of highway, David and Amy Fox, a married couple on the verge of divorce, find themselves stranded after their car breaks down. Seeking shelter, they stumble upon the seemingly innocuous "Pinewood Motel."

Inside their room, they discover a hidden stash of videotapes containing disturbing footage of couples being terrorised and murdered. Realising the motel is actually a front for a snuff film operation, David and Amy know they must escape before becoming the next victims.

Their fight for survival becomes a desperate game of cat and mouse as they are pursued by the motel's sadistic manager and his deranged henchmen. Outnumbered and outgunned, David and Amy must use their wits and resourcefulness to stay alive.

As the night unfolds, the couple must confront not only their physical attackers but also the emotional demons that have driven them apart. Their struggle for survival becomes a test of their love and their will to live.

The film's climax is a heart-stopping race against time as David and Amy attempt to escape the motel and expose the snuff film operation to the authorities.

"Vacancy" is a suspenseful and chilling thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The film's dark and disturbing premise is balanced by moments of black humor and surprising twists. Beckinsale and her co-star Luke Wilson deliver strong performances as a couple pushed to their limits.

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