Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous is a heart-stopping action thriller starring Nicolas Cage as a ruthless assassin on his final job in Bangkok. When he develops unexpected connections with a local runner and a captivating pharmacist, his mission takes a dangerous turn.


July 20, 2024

Available on

ROCK Action
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Nicolas Cage stars as Joe, a ruthless hitman with a strict code of conduct. He operates under the radar, following a set of rules to ensure his anonymity and safety.

Arriving in Bangkok for his final assignment—eliminating four targets for a notorious crime boss—Joe encounters a complication that throws his world off-balance. He hires Kong, a young Thai pickpocket, as his local runner. However, as they work together, Joe forms an unexpected bond with Kong, breaking one of his cardinal rules—not to take an interest in people outside of work.

Further complicating matters, Joe develops a fascination with a deaf pharmacist named Fon. These emotional attachments threaten to compromise Joe's professionalism and expose him to danger. As the body count rises and the web of deceit thickens, Joe is forced to confront his past and the consequences of his deadly profession.

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