Marry Me

A betrayed pop star (Jennifer Lopez), slated to marry her pop star fiancé (Maluma) on stage, instead marries a stranger from the audience—a high school math teacher (Owen Wilson).


July 21, 2024

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ROCK Entertainment
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The story begins as Kat prepares to marry her fiancé, Bastian (Maluma), a fellow music artist, in a lavish ceremony broadcast live to the world. However, moments before saying "I do," Kat learns of Bastian's infidelity through a social media post.

Devastated and humiliated, Kat makes a shocking, impulsive decision. Spotting Charlie holding a "Marry Me" sign in the audience (intended for a friend), she invites him on stage and proposes to him on the spot!  To everyone's surprise, Charlie accepts, and their impromptu wedding becomes an instant internet sensation.

As the media frenzy around their marriage intensifies, Kat and Charlie find themselves navigating the complexities of their newfound situation. Despite their different worlds, an unexpected connection begins to develop. Through their journey, they learn that love can blossom in the most unexpected places and that sometimes, the best things in life are unplanned.

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