Letters to Juliet

Love letters, breathtaking Italy, and a touch of magic—that's Letters to Juliet! Join Sophie, a young woman on vacation, as she gets swept up in a quest to reunite a long-lost couple.


June 16, 2024

Available on

ROCK Entertainment
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Sophie, a young American woman on her pre-honeymoon trip, stumbles upon a centuries-old tradition – letters left at the fictional courtyard of Juliet Capulet, seeking love advice from Shakespeare's iconic character. Touched by a letter written decades ago by Claire, a woman searching for her long-lost love, Sophie impulsively replies.

This simple act sets off a chain of events that shake up Sophie's world. Inspired by the letter, she decides to help Claire reconnect with her past love, Lorenzo. As they embark on a quest through the stunning Italian countryside, Sophie grapples with her own relationship, questioning her fiancé's commitment and her own passion for their life together. Through her journey with Claire, Sophie rediscovers the power of love, chance encounters, and following your heart.

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