Charlie's Angels

A team of female private agents, popularly known as Charlie's Angels, are tasked by their mysterious boss to expose an international conspiracy to weaponize an energy conservation device.


January 14, 2024

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ROCK Action
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The Townsend Agency has evolved. It's now an international operation, with multiple Angel teams and Bosleys scattered across the globe. Sabina Wilson, a skilled operative in Hamburg, stumbles upon a dangerous secret: Calisto, an energy-saving device created by Elena Houghlin, a young engineer, has a fatal flaw.

Desperate to expose the truth, Elena reaches out to Sabina, but their meeting turns deadly. Edgar Bosley, Sabina's mentor, is killed, and Elena narrowly escapes an assassin attack. Now, with Jane Kano, another resourceful Angel, they join forces with Elena to navigate a thrilling chase across Europe.

Following the trail of Calisto prototypes, they clash with Peter Fleming, Elena's treacherous boss, and Hodak, a ruthless assassin. Betrayal strikes again as Rebekah Bosley, a senior operative with her own agenda, manipulates the mission. John Bosley, the retired Charlie Townsend confidante, also resurfaces, shrouded in suspicion.

As the plot thickens, the Angels uncover a global conspiracy fueled by greed and power. John, revealed as the true villain, plans to weaponize Calisto. Elena, captured and forced to program a deadly prototype, becomes the key to his plan.

But the remaining Angels, joined by Elena's colleague Langston and John's former associate Jonny Smith, intervene in a dramatic climax. They rescue Elena and thwart John's scheme, leaving him and his associates defeated.

In the aftermath, Elena, having proven her strength and loyalty, joins the Angels. The film ends with a nod to the franchise's legacy, welcoming her into the fold alongside a familiar face: Kelly Garrett, the legendary Angel herself, now assuming the mantle of "Charlie."

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